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Eighteenth-Century Engravings for the
Society of Antiquaries of London

Image of engraving - The Field of the Cloth of GoldIn 1774 the Society of Antiquaries, with the assent of George III, produced this magnificent engraving of ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’. This was followed by ‘The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover 1520’, produced in 1781 as companion piece.

Image of engraving - The Embarkation of Henry VIII at Dover 1520The copperplates were engraved by James Basire and measure approximately 4ft 1in by 2ft 3in. An especially large size of paper, now known as Antiquarian, was made for the Society by James Whatman to take the impressions. At the time it was the largest single sheet of paper to have been made.

It is indeed fortunate, and a credit to the Society, that these two plates have survived over 200 years in near perfect condition. The impressions taken for the twentieth century edition are as vivid today as when the subjects were first published.

They have been printed using intense black ink from Charbonnel in Paris at the studios of Newington Frith in Kent, on a special making of acid-free Heritage Book White 315g‑m2 paper, size 30in x 52in, supplied by the Atlantis Paper Company.

Bernard Nurse, Librarian for the Society, has prepared a set of notes to accompany the publication. Please click here for details of these historic prints or click the images above to view larger versions.

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