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Bodmer's America

About the Edition

The History of Karl Bodmer's Illustrations and the Production of Bodmer's America by 
Alecto Historical Editions, in Association with the
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska

[Item Image] The Expedition

In 1833, a German prince and a Swiss
artist stepped aboard a paddle steamer on
the Missouri River in St Louis, and headed
upstream, bound for parts unknown.

[Item Image] The Results

Illustration - Detail from Tableaux 48

[Item Image] The New Edition

The new edition comprises all of Bodmer's
best work, each struck from the priceless
original engraved plates

[Item Image] Edition Details

Illustration - Detail from Tableau 48

[Item Image] Presentation & Specifications

The eighty-one engravings are presented
in five folios with separate title sheets,
within a Solander case 29 1/2 x 24 x 3 7/8
inches (750 x 610 x 98mm)

[Item Image] Cleaning The Plate

Before printing, the plate is carefully
cleaned to remove surface blemishes and
ink and dirt trapped in the lines.

[Item Image] Inking Up

The plate is inked by hand, the printer
working the correct colours into different
areas of the plate with a twist of cloth or

[Item Image] The Printing Studio

...the plate is placed on the bed of the
rolling press and covered with a sheet of
the heavyweight paper specially made for
this publication.

[Item Image] Lifting a Print from the Press

After each passage through the press, the
plate is cleaned and re-inked for the next

[Item Image] Hand-Colouring the Print

When the print is dry, every millimetre of
the printed image is hand-coloured with
water colour paint.

[Item Image] The Colouring Studio

Each print is hand-coloured by one artist,
working to the master proof approved by
David Hunt, Curator of the Center for
Western Art at the Joslyn Art Museum.


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