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Ferdinand Lucas Bauer (1760 - 1826)

In association with The Natural History Museum, London, Alecto Historical Editions offer:

The first facsimile edition of the fifty-two drawings of animals observed in Australia between 1801 and 1803 during the voyage of HMS Investigator, under the command of Captain Matthew Flinders, and drawn by Ferdinand Lucas Bauer, the expedition's artist, after his return to England. ca 1811-1813

The collection of 52 art originals, blind embossed on the margin with the Natural History Museum insignia and Alecto Historical Editions and numbered in pencil ; 46 watercolours and 6 pencil drawings on paper; 511 x 340 mm or smaller are presented in a single Solander storage case bound in traditional green library buckram.

A pair of koalas in a tree

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