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Alecto has a distinguished pedigree and in three decades of printing and publishing special editions has developed considerable skills in translating works on paper into print form of the highest quality, using whatever print process is deemed most appropriate.
Details on this web site give some idea of the range, if not the true quality, of the Company's work.

Banks Florilegium Plate 291 - Click for more information

Alecto has published portfolios in association with many prestigious museums and libraries, including the British Museum (Natural History) (Banks' Florilegium); the Royal Library at Windsor (Holbein's Portraits in the Royal Collection); the Tate Gallery (William Daniell's Voyage Around Great Britain); the American Museum of Natural History (James John Audubon's Birds of America); the Natural History Museum (Illustrationes Florae Novae by Ferdinand Bauer); the Public Records Office (Domesday Book); the State Library of New South Wales (Major Taylor's Panorama of Sydney) and the Joslyn Art Museum (Bodmer's America).

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